Sightseeing Inside Kathmandu Valley

Among many sightseeing places in Nepal, below is the description for two religious sights Buddhanath Stupa and Pashupatinath Temple which are located inside the Kathmandu Valley.
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Bauddhanath Stupa

sighseeing at Bauddhanath stupa
Massif Bauddhanath Stupa In Kathmandu Nepal

Bauddhanath stupa is located in the northern outskirt of Kathmandu valley with centuries of history associated with it's construction. It's the biggest dome shaped stupa in Nepal with colorful prayer flags stretching from its Gajur neck towards all sides of the 13 tiers mounted on the dome. Below the tiers there are pairs of Buddha's eyes on all four sides.Bottom part of the dome has 3 layers of walkable pavements and  an external wall with prayer wheels around.
Exact date of construction of this Buddhist stupa us still unknown although many of the Buddhist suggest that it was built by some Tibetan Buddhist woman who had 4 sons and was a great follower of Buddhism who buried the remains of Kasyap Buddha and built a stupa over it.The massif stupa we see today  is the result of  several renovations.
There are many monasteries and Tibetan settlements around the perimeter of the stupa. Hundreds of  shop selling souvenirs, incenses, books, beads and restaurants and guest houses around the stupa make this place very busy. One needs to get an entrance ticket which is available at the main gate of the stupa. Thousands of Tibetan refugee have been living in this area as Tibetan Buddhist have some kind of attachments with this holy stupa. Tibetans call this stupa as "Yambu Chorten Chenpo" which means a great holy tower in Kathmandu. There are Tibetan styled restaurants, market and schools around this area as population of Tibetan Buddhist is increasing here.
Baudhanath Stupa is 10 minutes drive from Tribhuwan International Airport and 5 minutes drive from  another famous Hindu holy temple Pashupatinath.
The massif Nepal Earthquake 2015 had partially destroyed the stupa which has already been reconstructed and opened again for the tourists.
Pashupatinath Temple

sightseeing at hindu pashupatinath temple
Holiest Hindu Temple Pashupatinath
Located on the northern part of Kathmandu in a distance of 5 minutes drive from Tribhuwan international Airport, Pashupatinath Temple is the biggest and the holiest Hindu shrine in the world. There are 2 entrances to the temple sight where a entry ticket is available at either gate. The temple occupies a large area of forest and river bank where many small temples are scattered around a main temple located on the bank of Bagmati river. Only Hindus are allowed to enter the main temple where an Indian main priest called a Bhatta along with many assistant priests worship everyday as  a tradition for hundreds of years. For non Hindu visitors, there is a view point across the river offering a splendid view of whole temple area. The main temple has four silver doors, gold plated roofs and a solid golden Gajur(crown of the temple).There are significant numbers of Shiwalinga around the temple as this is the temple of lord Shiwa who is the lord for destruction
to balance the nature according to Hindu bedas. We can see troops of monkey around the temple and deer and other wild animals living in the nearby forest area. There is a small bridge over Bagmati river which connects two sides of the temple area. On the western bank of the river, there are several spots for cremation  which is a holy Hindu rituals. We can see at least few cremations during the day time as this is the biggest cremation spot for Hindus. There are several souvenir shops around the eastern entrance  area.
Many Hindu devotees called Babas are seen around the temple with long curly and twisted hairs, face painted with ash and long tika(red marks) on their foreheads. They are the devotees who have left their  common family and work life devoting their full time to lord shiva.Hundreds of such Babas travelling from india and other parts of Nepal arrive the temple premises during Shiwaratri festival in April. There Babas are seen dancing and smoking as a part of religious custom. People in Nepal are literally allowed to smoke gaja on that special day.
There is another special day during august called Teej(women's festival).That day thousands of women and also single girls come to worship  lord shiva wising a good health for their husbands or future husbands.Women mostly dressed in red with red mark on their forehead(red marks on upper part of forehead denotes married woman), take a fasting on that entire day worship, sing and dance around the temple.
These above 2 sightseeing spots are included in UNESCO World Heritage Site and  can be included in one day Kathmandu Sightseeing Itinerary along with other places such as Monkey Temple and Kathmandu Durbar Square.

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