Travelers Safety and Solo Female Travelers Concern In Nepal

Single Woman Trip To Nepal
Here are few questions that needs to be understood correctly before anyone visits Nepal.
Is Nepal safe for travelling?
Is Nepal safe for solo female tourist?

Many travelers ask if Nepal is safe place for single woman travelers. The simplest answer is yes it is if you are careful. Like you are at home or at office, you need to be careful while at work, at home or anywhere you are. Only thing is that what should be the principles of safety when you are at specific place. Like when you are at kitchen you will have to be careful with the sharp objects like knives and gas stoves etc. Similarly you have to follow some specific location and culture oriented precautions to ensure your safety while travelling in Nepal. The main safety concerns are listed below:

A:While in City: Money, Taxi, Robbers, Taking Photographs, Buying stuff, making friends, night out, power cut, Nepal band or protest
B:While in remote area or mountain: Money, Guides, Porters, Robbers, Wild animals, Floods, Avalanche, High Altitude sickness,   donation seekers(rare), debate and fight, your body exposure to attract bad or drunk people, your activities to humiliate or   disrespect local people or culture, or your disobedience towards local law or rules

We value your concern and we don't claim that accidents never happen here. Incidents in the past have shown that there are few cases that foreign female tourists have been looted or misbehaved or  got lost, died of Mountain Sickness  or even killed at some cases. To understand the individual cases we may need to understand the whole incident if proper safety measures were applied or if she had had the knowledge of safety measures while in Nepal.
For a better understanding about local culture and the possibility of dangers for female, i have raised the following points which shall always be considered.

1.Arrival:While you arrive in Nepal, some airport staff may approach you seeing you alone and in need of help, so they may offer their help to ride your trolley. Pretty simple, they need money for help, so it's your choice if you really want to pay for their help, because they might ask you unexpected amount of money for a small help, so decide first if you really need help, if you don't need help then say no thank you. If he/she still insists or comes to grab your trolley say a big NO, do you think he/she is doing too much? raise your hand and say HELP,  there must be airport police around, they will certainly help you. Forget all these, if you are really in a  need of help just pay 1-5 USD , you can always bargain, and have an easy and comfortable arrival.
2.Taxi:Once you enter the city you may need taxi service to reach your hotel or going around the sightseeing place or restaurants, so  you need taxi service, always ask the driver about the price first even they have the meters running and bargain. Don't travel to too remote or unknown place alone , ask the driver if he had been there before, always get enough information where you are going.
3.Shopping and other money handling: Always keep two wallets for bigger notes or money and smaller changes for your daily uses.Most of the hotels and restaurants in cities accept credit cards so use the safer way. Don't reveal too much money in front of people, some bad people might see it and plan to rob you. While you are travelling remote or trekking always keep the information where you can change money, you have ATM service in Jomsong if you are travelling in Annapurna region and in Namche Bazar if you are in Everest region but the exchange rates there are lower. So always keep a padlock for your luggage and ensure your room is locked from inside before you sleep or while you are going out of the room always lock it.
4.Behave normal, drink sociably and don't encourage street beggars and hawkers.Many people enjoy being with the street people and giving away food and money to them but the sad part is sometimes they get robbed by the same group of people, so be careful while you are showing your humanity, don't spend time with them while it's night , don't expose your money to them or don't go to some secrete or unknown place where they may offer you to go. Sometimes you might meet with some other attractive male or female at restaurants, bars or clubs and be invited to visit somewhere you don't  know, just be careful, unless you know the person well, otherwise just answer them nicely like sorry I have to go back early tonight, or i am not feeling well now  because of drink or we will go next time etc.Always hold your bags in the front side of your body while at crowds or inside bus.
5.Dress properly while you go out not to attract unnecessary attention from people or the hawkers, your dress might offend some local people who are strict Hindu or Buddhist, so respect their culture while you dress, don't over expose your body parts.
6.Always keep weather and local news updates while you are travelling away from cities, most of the trekking routes have mobile phone networks so prepare a local sim card or activate your roaming to use the internet sometimes. Visit some of the most trusted websites of Nepal for national and international updates at,, version) etc. In case you need help or you are in emergency, call 100 hotline for any kind of inquiry and help.
6.Never walk in the dark or in the mountain alone, while you are travelling alone in mountains, there should be many trekkers like you, so make friendly environment and walk together at places where there are few lodges and villages, always read the guide books and other information before you leave for any destination. Ask the local people, Hoteliers or even the guides from other groups, Nepalese people are always happy to help travelers.
7.Rare but sometimes you might bump with some armed or other political or local boys from different clubs asking for donation, at such time talk nicely that you are in shortage of cash now  and unable to help, if you think that they won't leave you easily offer as little as you want, or if they are really asking for good reason, You can surely help them, after all helping is always good, we should sometimes see the positive sides as well.
8.Keep a torch light all the time while you are out during the evening, Nepal suffers the heavy power cut up to 10 hours a day, that means there is no electricity from time to time, ask the hoteliers or the shopkeepers around when the light will come, they will be happy to tell you about the latest schedule of power cut.
9.Get update news if there is any Nepal Band or shut down of Nepal or Kathmandu valley only or any specific local city. In Nepal when someone is killed in a highway accident, their relatives and the local people shut down the highway blocking all the transportation until the concerned people come to negotiate with them and settle the matter or if some political party, groups, students, members of local clubs have some demand with the local authority or with the government they sometimes close the city or the whole Nepal's transportation for few hours or even the whole day, so at such situation it is not wise to travel outside to get stranded somewhere. So keep latest information about street protest and political turmoil, But it never happens outside cities.

These rules are applicable for both male and female travelers, so in summary Nepal is very safe place to visit provided you are careful and follow the simple safety rule, after all no where is safe in this world , bad people are everywhere.

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