Trekking In Nepal Season Type And Region

Nepal trekking region
Sunrise Over Annapurna South
Nepal trekking offers various itineraries in various regions of Nepal. Due to it's geographical structure, we can do short trek (1-2) days to the longest trek up to 35 days. Trekking in Nepal is mainly practiced in hilly and mountainous region.Short trek around the city like   Kathmandu and Pokhara are also popular. All these treks offer different experience of people, their culture, different landscape, flora and fauna, wild animals, birds and spectacular view of many mountains across the Himalaya. Normally trekking route starts from cities in plains and go towards higher altitudes up to
base camps of many high mountains.

Before you start any Treks in Nepal, you may want to know the following points:

Your Duration of Trek
Your interest of Region
Your Interest of Season (Time Of the Year)
Type of Trek-Tea house(sleep at Guest House), Camping (sleep at Tents), And Semi camping (Eat at Guest House and Sleep at Tent and Vice Versa)

1.Duration of Trek

Before you plan your trek in Nepal, you will have to arrange your holiday that how many days you want to spend in trekking
 Few days 2-4 days Trek
 A week long Trek
 Two to Three weeks Trek
 A month Long Trek

2.Interest of Region

Although all of the trekking region offer you the eye catching view of landscape and mountains, you may want to choose one region where you interest of people and geography and available time meets.
Popular Trekking Routes In Nepal are:
 Everest region
 Annapurna Region
 Langtang Region
 Dolpa Region

3.The trekking Season

For normal Trekking in Nepal, Mid September to Mid December and Mid March to Mid June are the best season, although some of the routes like Upper Dolpo and Upper Mustang are suitable in Summer season due to it's geographic location where the monsoon affects differently.

Type Of Treks:

There are mainly 2 types of Treks:

             A. Tea House Trek (Sleep and Eat At Guest House/Tea House)

80 percent of the trekking routes in Nepal have Tea house facility, where you can enjoy clean rooms and dining with various food menus. After your day walk, every 4-6 hrs. stop, you will have guest houses with small rooms, mostly with common sharing bathrooms(sometimes also with attached Bathroom).All the guest houses have wide range of menu serving noodles, breads, rice, potatoes, pizza, spaghetti, lasagne, vegetables, chicken, eggs, beef(rare) but no fishes because Nepal has no sea.Fruits are not easily available in the mountains except Apples at Annapurna And Langtang region.
Most of the Guest Houses have hot shower facility but don't expect it to be as good as in city.

Trekking Companies can arrange you guides and porters(normally 1 porter for 2 Pax.) to go with you. Porters will carry your languages whereas guides will show you the routes, gives you information about the attraction in the route, arranges your Hotel and answers all your questions.

          B. Camping Trek (Sleep In Tents)

Although most of the trekking routes in Nepal have guest houses, many people still like camping trekking. In such trekking the agency arranges you the crew to carry all your tents and foods through out the trek. Team leader, porters, chefs(cooks) and Sherpa(arrange your tent and Toilets) will go together with you carrying all the stuff.

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